How to Upload & Sell Your Recorded Tracks

If you are an artist, whether you are signed or unsigned to a label is irrelevant to us. Simply upload your ORIGINAL track to pool in WAV or FLAC quality. You can begin selling the track through to the general public immediately. They can preview your track at 128 kbps (low quality) and can purchase and unlock the track for high fidelity playback (FLAC or 320 kbps mp3). Those that purchase and download your songs are not allowed to broadcast it or upload it elsewhere as per our site platform use agreement and is for personal use only.

By bundling your track as a package of: explicit, clean, instrumental and acapella, you give the DJ better opportunity to create a really fantastic re-work of your track. Once you have uploaded these components of your original track and signed the short contract agreement to allow DJs to also purchase your music, they will hopefully in turn broadcast your track through radio, club and events. We expect you to sign up to receive royalties through a licencing company if you require royalty payments. This is generally done through a company such as APRA AMCOS, ASCAP or BMI for example. Doing so would create a great revenue source for you.

You can also sign a short contract agreement to allow DJs to edit, remix and resell your track on our platform. As an artist, you still get paid the same amount you recieved for your original, however, the cost of the edited DJ friendly remix is now higher. The DJ recieves that added cost since he/she added more value. Most people are not aware that almost all DJs use what we call “DJ friendly edited versions of songs”, where the track is extended by adding a beat intro and outro and by beat gridding so there is no beat drift; essentially regulating the BPM variance to a tollerable level. By doing so your track becomes much easier to mix allowing the DJ to concentrate on more important atributes of mixing and creating a more intense and lively mix. This is the most basic way a DJ can remix your track. DJing is not all about scratching; for most DJs, it is about reading the crowd and playing music for THEM.

The DJ is expected to make several edits of your track. For example, one version might have a 32 beat (8 bar intro and outro) and start the song with a chorus right after the intro. Another version might have an 8 bar intro and outro but begin exactly the same way your original song does. The extra 8 beat intro is to help the DJ mix in your song seamlessly. Another version might have an under beat which makes your track sound ‘thumpier’ and might be sped up a little for the dancefloor. The possibilities are endless, however, the idea is that the price remains the same for the bundle the DJ is selling on your behalf. It is up to him/her to add more value to the remix by adding more edits and versions.

Another DJ might also want to do a bundle and create something far different than the bundle the first DJ created. For example, they might be a Dubstep DJ and see potential in your track that you did not and take your original track to a whole new level and introduce you to a potential fan base that you previously had no intention of catering for. It may mean that the remixed version of your track recieves more sales than your original. The DJ may know more people than you and the hope is that the remix of your track is better than the original in some respects or caters better for a certain genre. It is no loss to you. However, there are some rules to remixing on our platform that are in place in order satisfy unwanted legals issues and conditions that might present itself. For example, the DJ must only use ORIGINAL samples and or use samples (instrumentals and acapellas from our pool where other Artists have also signed a usage agreement also).

Once the DJ has remixed/edited your track, using his original samples, percussion, composition and samples from other tracks in our pool, they can create a bundle of DJ friendly edits and attach it to your original track as a remix bundle. You still have authority over the remixed version. For example, if you feel the DJ has breached contract by including foreign samples, it is your right to flag the track for removal with reason. This will ensure that you are not liable for any legal issues.

DJs are expected to use samples such as instrumental sections and acapellas from other songs in our record pool. When they do so, they must list and link all samples used. This means that, your remixed track can contain parts from another artist’s track that the DJ purchased also. The track should still be identifiable as your track. A DJ might use the chorus acapella of another song and create a break right after the intro of the song. That artist will also be notified when the remix is uploaded and creates exposure for them. Likewise, a DJ may use part of your track in someone else’s original track and you will be notified when this happens. Allowing a DJ to sample your work is a great way to create exposure for yourself.

At present we have categorized several TYPES of remixes as outlined here: REMIX TYPES.


How to Download, Remix, Upload & Sell tracks

If you are a DJ, is a great resource for you. Unlike other record Pools where often the artists maybe unaware that the site is uploading their music and sharing it, curates its high fidelity music directly from artists. They expect you to purchase, download it and have signed all the necessary agreements for you to remix, re-sell and broadcast their music. If you are a broadcast DJ, meaning that you play your music in events at a venue, club, radio station etc., then it is up to the organizers of those events to pay due royalties to artists through organizations such as APRA AMCOS, ASCAP or BMI for example. While laws are different from country to country, generally, if you broadcast at a private event, it is up to you as a DJ to make sure that where possible, all due royalties are paid for the music that you have just broadcasted. This in most countries is a very small amount compared to what you may earn at the event.

If you are a DJ that likes to produce and edit music for yourself and for the benefit and use by other DJs, the first step is to unlock the tracks that you require from by purchasing them. Not all tracks will be approved by Artists for remixing and is at the Artist’s discretion. There are mini-contracts and agreements that require to be signed by Artists for each track that govern its use. Artists must sign an agreement with that allow DJs to purchase, download and broadcast their music. Artists must also sign an agreement with that allow DJs to purchase, download, remix and resell their track with You must as a DJ, not upload the track elsewhere, re-distribute through other means and websites or give out freely ANY track that you remix. If you remix it, it is for your use only or, you can upload it to for re-sale.

Most Artists maybe new to concept of remixing. They may not understand that DJs require edited and DJ friendly music. To help the cause, we have introduced a pricing plan and method that will essentially allow you to create a value added, DJ friendly remix and edit bundle according to the REMIX TYPES outlined here. The Artist still gets a share of the original value of the remix bundle that you create. For the buyer of your remix, the cost is now hire so that you can have your share for your work and for introducing the Artist to your fan base. It is up to you to add “more value” to the remix bundle by creating as many variations as possible to the original song.

Most original songs may not be beat gridded and have the appropriate INTRO and OUTRO beats required for smooth mixing. What we recommend is initially creating simple DJ friendly edits of the original artist song, first by creating a beat gridded edit with a minimum 16 beat intro and outro. You can add variations to this edit also. You can then use other original music in our record pool or your own original samples to create hyped up remixes, and variations to that remix. You are not allowed to use any other samples from other songs that are not provided by The idea is that eventually, will feature samples from mainstream Artists also, allowing you to Remix and showcase your art without any legal issues.

When re-uploading your remix, unlike other platforms, forces all DJs to only attach it or upload it to the ORIGINAL Artist’s song. The entire system is designed to make sure that your remix is categorized and easily recognized by fans as a Remix to the original Artist’s Song. While some remixes can be complex (as shown in a special type of Remix that is worth mentioning is a MASHUP. At its basic form, a MASHUP is the mixing of two songs where the Acapella of one is mixed with the Instrumental of another. In this case, the remix belongs to the Artist that supplied the original Vocals. However, we believe it is fair to split the earnings from sales between the two main Artists that the original Songs belong to. Our platform at will do this automatically for you. At present, Medeleys are not allowed. We will add more complexity as the site grows and develops. For now we believe what is allowed is a great start for all to understand the concepts of how DJs can help Artists as broadcast DJs and as Remixers.

  1. Create DJ friendly edit for your use and for the use of other DJs. DJ friendly edits must be beat gridded – the BPM must not float off the grid and must be a whole number and must have a minimum 16 beat (4 X 4 bars) INTRO and OUTRO. For example, if the BPM is 100.26 – We require you to beat grid the original to fit to the closest whole number, in this case that would be 100.00 BPM. To Qualify as a DJ Friendly edit, these two conditions must be satisfied.
  2. Create Remixed versions for Radio play and for DJ use. Non DJs may not like the intro beats but might love your remix better than the original. So, we recommend adding at least two versions of your remix, one with the INTRO and OUTRO and one without it.
  3. Create a bundle package for the original Artist song, and upload all remixes and edits to it. You can add more versions later on that increases the value of your remix bundle although the price remains the same.
  4. Once you have a good package bundle of your remix ready, you can advertise it to your fans using our social media integration and plugins and receive a share of the profits that is split between you and the artist and us. Please check the price guide here.

General Public

How to Purchase, Stream and Download Tracks is the sequel to a site that is essentially a Remix Service for DJs. Since its inception back in 2007, our fan base has grown and more and more non DJs and Artists have requested our remixes though we have run the website strictly for promotional use only.

As an avid fan, not only can you purchase, download and stream original content and remixes of songs by Artists and DJs, If you are a person who as a large social network following, you can introduce the songs and artists to your fans and when a sale is made, you get to keep a fraction of that sale. The greater the number of fans you have who purchase the songs that you introduce to them, the greater your profit. The system splits the profits automatically for you and there is a chain of share profit; meaning that if you share an Artist’s or DJs track and although your share did not generate a sale, it may create further shares or a share chain that eventually results in a sale. Each one of those shares is recorded our system and a small share of the sale is given to all that helped in the chain to achieve the sale. Please click here to read about how the SHARE CHAIN works and how profits are calculated.

You can in fact earn money at without spending a cent. You can still stream songs on the site at 128 kbps without any cost and by sharing the tracks that you like with your social fan base, you will eventually generate sales for the DJ and Artist. Every time you help to sell a track directly or indirectly in the SHARE CHAIN, you receive a small percentage from that sale.

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The platform was developed after careful observation and analyzation of the global music industry in its current and past state of affairs with particular focus on the DJ sector. 9 INCH began as what most believed to be a Remix Service for DJs and has rapidly evolved in to a social media platform, offering DJs, Artists and avid music lovers a fresh new way to connect with each other as well as adding value to their music content in a way that allows musicians to market it and other products to a wider client and fan base. is the sequel to DJ REMIX SERVICE (founded in 2007) and is part of our 9 INCH ™ brand of platforms and products line. attempts to bring closer, DJs, artists and fans by making sure that each party is getting their due payment (i.e direct sales through website and product placement advertising) by adding value to already great music and bundling it in a package of edits and re-arrangements suitable for DJs and listeners, while allowing production & remix DJs to explore their creative talents without being hindered by licensing laws due to the way our site operates. Not all DJs are live performance DJs and not all live performance DJs are production DJs. ? some DJs are have their own original music also and our site allows users to switch roles. This means that an Artist can remix someone else?s track also and our site will correctly display and categorize the content.

The platform is custom built and operated by Pure Play Systems PTY LTD (Australia), showcasing the latest in e-commerce technology and gives our users a rich online experience with an unobtrusive and seamless commercial focus. The idea is that all our users are able to contribute to the site and in return, get paid for what they are doing. Forward thinking by our developers allows for content in the highest fidelity in audio and other multimedia mediums giving our clients the best of what the world has to offer as quality, right now. provides Artists with tools to advertise and sell their music to the general public and to advertise through DJs via remixes and edits that will eventually earn artists royalty payments through venues, broadcast stations and album & concert sales. Our platform also gives artists statistical tools to monitor sales activity in real time and is built with business transparency in mind.

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